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Well, there are always the financial downsides as a musician, streaming pays out too poorly, and the time and funds it consumes to make 1 song to a decent level just sux.
Playing in pubs&bars is kinda impossible these days, so don't have a real solution for it except massive amounts of streaming or selling merchandise on a webshop. But running a webshop & design/process all orders will consume all my time. So no option for now, just more music :cool:

Fun fact: The streaming payout for youtube =
  • Youtube videos – $0.00069 per view.
So will need a couple of million to break even.
If you are a songwriter/musician like me, well it's a tough hobby xD. To be pro you will need to play on big podia to make a living from it and I don't see this happening soon 🥶

I don't like to idea to sell music. I think it should be free for all, so,
I opened a donation option to ease up the goal to release 100 songs and spent more time on music.

Support - Vinyl-State

So if you enjoy the music, You're most welcome if you can support. All bits and pieces helps :love:
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