Hello everone, my name is Joran and I'm the founder of Vinyl-State :-).


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I'm making a short post to introduce myself, hope you will follow my example so we can build a nice community.
So here we go:

Hello, my name is Joran and I'm the founder of Vinyl-State

Basically, I'm sitting at home thinking of a new song, so I'm starting to write the songs using my guitar first and singing some random words till I find a nice vocal melody line and a guitar line that has the potential to be a nice song. In this stage, it still sounds horrible, out of tune, and with poor timing. But somehow I feel that it has something to it xD.

Once I recorded that idea, I'm using some Cubase midi drums and replay it based on tempo/drums, and create some basic format for a song.
I send this idea to the bandmembers and if they have time and can connect with the song they can create and improve the music :).

Once everyone has finished their part's I'm assembling the song, fix the tracks where needed and create some lyrics and make the vox for the song.
Once all tracks are cleaned from humz & buzzes, weird distortion, and background noises. I'll send it to the mixing/mastering engineer so the music can be released on Spotify at a decent quality :).

Just ask me any question and I will try my best to answer (when not making music 🤪)
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