Are you a musician or artist aswell, and stuck at music promotions?


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All right, I've spent time, money, and a lot of effort how to figure out how to get the best results out of Spotify as an artist when you upload your new song.

Forget about streams, this should not be your goal nor ever should you pay for it. Many sources on the internet float around just to rip you off. Same applies for playlist, I've tried submit hub, individual playlist hunting, and more expensive solutions as playlistpush. Just don't do it.

Here is why, Spotify is algorithm-based, with the next parameters as indicators. The ratio between saves and streams, how many times a listener comes back to listen. A save ratio around 10% between listeners & savers around is considered good, so how do you promote then?

Well if you build up with no fans yet, a good way are conversion-based Facebook ads. You must setup a landing page though and install pixel tracking from fb. There are alot of good guides on youtube, its abit technical but worth it! A simple landing page can also be boughed (must buy premium though to insert fb pixel tracking id). It's the only way for fb advertising to make it work, so use conversions.

Fb Click/traffic these days won't work due to bot abuse. So once you set up a proper campaign it brings new real people to the platform and you get rewarded for it. You will be added to the spotify playlist and your song gets massively pushed out.
Now other playlist curators detect you and you get added for free!

So in short, don't buy streams due to fake bots, don't buy playlists spots due to no new people for Spotify. Buy well setup fb, google campaigns to bring new people and there is a high % you get rewarded by Spotify playlist placements. I'm currently researching the effect of blogs so will get back later.

A discovery weekly gets activated when you gain around 20.000 streams, the higher the ratio the more it's gets pushed by Spotify itself :)

Good luck all

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It's not that easy. You`ll have to pay for targeted advertising too. Moreover, of all the social networks fb isn`t the most popular, especially for the music promotion. And setting up targeted advertising will require a good specialist, which also won`t be cheap. In general, this whole conundrum with fb isn`t the easiest and best solution. From my personal experience, I can say that the best way is to contact the companies that are engaged in promotion. For example, I used the services of music pr and was satisfied with the result. In general - many companies work successfully on the market, you just need not be lazy to look for it.
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