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  1. Joran

    My Spotify playlist

    I have created a Spotify playlist so you can like or follow the latest music :-) Spotify Playlist Music promotion is extremely hard, so if you any tips post them here aswell ;)
  2. Joran

    1. The first art piece - By Vinyl-State -

    Inspired by the song dreaming of a world, we have released our first edition NFT artwork. Now available as NFT: Original NFT format: 1600 x 1600...
  3. Joran

    Vinyl-State card collection - our art as NFT's -

    We gladly announce that we created our artwork into NFT's and that it will be coming soon.
  4. Joran

    Vinyl-State collection - our music as NFT's -

    Our music as NFT's With NFTs, artwork can be "tokenized" to create a digital certificate of ownership that can be bought and sold. This certificate is stored in the blockchain and millions of users can verify that you are the original owner of the first edition. That's worth something, you can...
  5. Joran

    Discord for Vinyl-State

    For all the ones who are using discord. - I will need some moderators for this, too much too handle all those socials ^^. So if you have some time, your welcome ::)
  6. Joran

    Song 9. Refraction

    And the 9th song :)
  7. Joran

    Song 8. Bring it back to me

    Goes in premiere friday 28 may 2021
  8. Joran

    Are you a musician or artist aswell, and stuck at music promotions?

    All right, I've spent time, money, and a lot of effort how to figure out how to get the best results out of Spotify as an artist when you upload your new song. Forget about streams, this should not be your goal nor ever should you pay for it. Many sources on the internet float around just to...
  9. Joran

    Listen to the music, find all released songs here.

    To make it a bit easier to find our music. I've posted below all the links of where you can find our music. 1. Spotify: Vinyl-State at Spotify 2. Youtube: Vinyl-State at Youtube 3. AppleMusic: Vinyl-State at AppleMusic 4. Soundcloud: Vinyl-State at SoundCloud 5. Bandcamp: Vinyl-State at...
  10. Joran

    What should we make more on the website/forum?

    You have any cool idea's or the feeling that this website is missing something? - Post them here and will try to create them (if not too complex offcourse). I still prefer to make music :p
  11. Joran

    Support on other ways?

    Well, there are always the financial downsides as a musician, streaming pays out too poorly, and the time and funds it consumes to make 1 song to a decent level just sux. Playing in pubs&bars is kinda impossible these days, so don't have a real solution for it except massive amounts of streaming...
  12. Joran

    Support us by sharing, liking and following us :)

    Welcome to the world of metrics ?, where every single share/like and follow us will have a big impact on how high we get ranked and the algorithms will push us forward. So here we go, it's a bit boring to do, but it will help us a lot. So if you have time left and you enjoy our music so far...
  13. Joran

    Biggest mistakes we maded so far

    The most frustrating ones, uugh o_O 1. Trying to achieve perfection while don't have the skills yet. Spent months without real progress, tried so hard that it got worse and made me almost quit. Got stuck in tunnel vision and made me depressed like ?. After a while, I realized I should accept...
  14. Joran

    Our forum updates & features.

    So after the hours and hours that I spent on music. I must spend hours and hours more on the 'tech' stuff o_O. Building social media accounts, creating video clips with adobe after effects and adobe premiere, photoshop for artwork. Advertising campaigns, and building a landing page with...
  15. Joran

    Song 7. No way back

    Pushing it to the max :LOL:
  16. Joran

    Song 6. A lonely road

    On this song we used a different mixing/mastering engineer, just to try out and see what happens.:LOL: Can you hear the difference? - and is it better/worse or it doesn't matter?
  17. Joran

    Song 5. Blind

    This is an older song, never had the chance to work it out properly cause we created (too) many versions of it. Anyway it turned out like this :cool: Hope you enjoy the song
  18. Joran

    Song 4. A million ways

    In this song, I tried to record a clean take of the rainfall. I found out that this is kinda hard to do, had to open the door put the mic half in the door opening, and had to find the right time till it started to rain. 1 am in the night, with result that the dog got spooked, cause he could not...
  19. Joran

    Song 3: Ticking days

    Yes, and our 3rd song is ready and called Ticking days. Still took 3-4 weeks till the final version was there :ROFLMAO: - So hope you enjoy it.
  20. Joran

    Hello everone, my name is Joran and I'm the founder of Vinyl-State :-).

    I'm making a short post to introduce myself, hope you will follow my example so we can build a nice community. So here we go: Hello, my name is Joran and I'm the founder of Vinyl-State Basically, I'm sitting at home thinking of a new song, so I'm starting to write the songs using my guitar...