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Welcome, everyone. My name Joran Kruiswijk and in this journey, I try to create 100 songs and release them on Spotify.  Not just fast written songs, but well build songs on a technical level (as far as my budget and skills go off-course). I just started writing songs without having any experience with it, but I keep improving them till I find them worthy enough to release on Spotify.

Along this way, bandmembers joined to improve lines where possible. So here we are and let’s see where this journey will take us. On the website, I’m releasing all my concept songs. At a later stage, they will be released on Spotify after they are properly mixed and mastered.

So I try my best and I hope you enjoy the music.



Agency Joran Kruiswijk

Email [email protected]

Vinyl-State Bio

Vinyl State is a dutch band that started in 2017. After spending a long time having fun. It’s time to become more serious about music. Check out latest release here: www.vinyl-state.com

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